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Rolling Acres Mall: Caught By Police!

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  • Rolling Acres Mall: Caught By Police!

    This was the very first Dan Bell video I have ever watched. I came across it while watching other urbex videos and the video title caught my attention. I checked out his other work and then I subscribed to him. I believe this was long before he got big, I think at the time he only had a few thousand subscribers though I could be wrong. Thankfully the police were chill, I've once seen a video from another channel and the police handled that situation much worse. Anyways here's the video for those who haven't seen it yet.

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    That's why I'm so paranoid about urban exploration. Especially in our area. The police aren't the best here, especially in downtown St. Louis. Which of course where most of the good stuff is xD


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      Yeah but we just gotta learn to be sneaky. :P And go later in the night, rather than during the day like Dan did in this one. xD I also think they sent too many police officers, it's just one guy making a video. :V