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Jamestown Mall

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  • Jamestown Mall

    This is a mall that's now abandoned near my home town. I used to go to this mall with my Uncle, and he would always get awesome deals no matter which store we went to. xD I watched a video of someone exploring the mall, and it was on our local news a few years back because security is now tight since many people were exploring or entering the mall for other reasons... It makes me a bit sad knowing it sits abandoned, but I also like abandoned buildings so I'm a bit conflicted. :P

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    Sad to hear it's abandoned: if it was such a good deal, I'm sure a lot of people miss it.

    Any ideas what might happen to it in the future?


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      I think there's been talk of demolishing it, but I don't know if and when that will happen honestly. :\


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        Well, it'll be sad if it comes to that .

        Even if it has no further use as a mall, you'd hope they would be able to find some use for it. But, apparently not...